Personal boxing training

Hello there! I’m Nat. I’m an amateur boxer, National Lightweight …

Personal boxing training —

Hello there! I’m Nat.

I’m an amateur boxer, National Lightweight Champion, and proud owner of Punch Club!

There are three things that matter to me when it comes to training:

  • you have fun and enjoy yourself
  • you constantly learn and improve
  • you get fitter and feel better

These are the fundamentals of training with me.

Personal boxing sessions help you to learn quicker, and to push to get super fit.

More about me
I have been competing nationally and internationally in sport since I was 12 years old! I played basketball for England and Great Britain, playing for Team GB in the Junior Olympics at the age of 15. I’ve also competed in triathlons at the top level in the UK for two years.

I am in my fourth year of boxing, competing at national level. Boxing is the BEST way to get fit and master a new skill. It makes you feel AWESOME!

Weight loss, health and nutrition
I’m not all about body image! That’s important for me to say first of all.

I am all about getting fitter, feeling stronger, and being healthier.

BUT, I know that a lot of people are looking for personal training to loose weight and I’m totally down for that.

Some of us want to loose weight. Not only for aesthetic purposes, but also because our health, our diet, and our fitness are all interconnected. I have found that when I am at my leanest, I am also at my strongest, my healthiest, and my most confident.

Being a boxer, and having to make weight for fighting, I have a lot of experience and knowledge about diet and weight loss. I’ve trialed a lot of different ways – with varying success.

I’ve been training people for two years, having lots of success with getting my clients super fit, massively improving their boxing skills, and helping them to drop weight and gain confidence.

You can hop over to The Blog to get more information on nutrition and health, and I’m more than happy to help you to develop a nutrition and weight loss program.

Tracking your progress
I use a tracking device called Hyksos, dubbed ‘The Ultimate Tool For Fighters’.

Hyksos are small electronic devices that sit inside your gloves and track how many punches you throw, the speed of your punches, and the intensity of your punching.

From session to session we can evaluate your progression to make sure our training is achieving results.

How much does it cost?
Personal boxing training costs:

£50 for one hour

£30 for half an hour

How to book
Use the booking form below to book the time you want. I will check and come back to you within one hour to confirm.

Don’t worry, no payments are taken until a time and date is agreed.

Enjoy it. Feel comfortable. Get super fit. Become an awesome boxer.

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